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No need to buy our website, to think about our other side. Preparations for 6698 “Personal Data Protection Law”. To inform you about the aforementioned legislation and a set of legislation:

Personal data: Identified or identifiable, what is true about it,

Processing of persons: Personal purchase, automatic purchase, registration, storage, preservation, obtained reissue, disclosure, automatic purchase of receipt, disclosure, automatic purchase of receipt. while hovering over the use of the use, its use in all its operations,

About data: Real or personal information of the data controller regarding the authority given by the data controller,

The data recording system is the recording system in which you do business according to a certain system,

Data controller: Denotes the purposes and means of personal data works related to the data recording system and the real person or person who is responsible.

1. Personal Data Protection and Consent Text and General Data Controller:

To have information about the persons who have information about the “person who is responsible for personal data numbered 6698” who have information about your own personal information and about the Consent Text. Article 3 aims to obtain their explicit consent for the forecasting conditions.

3. Personal Data to be Processed in accordance with the Explicit Consent of Customers and Purposes of Processing:

For the non-compliance of the personal data processing in 5 and 6/3 of the Law, it should be estimated that the personal data can be transmitted by our Shopping site.

2. Purpose of Processing Personal Data of Customers:

The personal vehicle belonging to the customers and the personal data processing in the 5th and 6th Laws are processed in accordance with and in practice. Customer travel;

Sales from the business division, from the business division, and from the related business area, from purchases to completion related to the product and service offered by
The shipment process from the business section after the service from our site and the orders from the related business section,

Planning and execution of commercial and/or business opportunities of our shopping site,
It can be designed for the planning and execution of the actions necessary for the targeting and execution of our shopping site, in order to have information about the relevant ones in the business world, to be related to the product and the product, to be preferred and preferred by our design in a technical and commercial-business-related manner. 

Regarding the establishment of the rights and possibilities of the plans
Information on authorized institutions can be obtained from
Visitor logs and follow-up

Ensuring the fulfillment of the Law on the Protection of the Consumer and our purpose, About the Retail Trade and for the legal purpose, through all channels of our company and our company company, our call, our affiliates or our websites, our companies or websites,
In order to provide good information about customers, reaching customer requests, purchasing and receiving, customer